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Trained by some of Europe’s leading subtitling, dubbing and audiovisual adaptation professionals, I offer a unique combination of audiovisual expertise, cultural and linguistic knowledge and experience. While many film lovers have dabbled in subtitling for fun, only trained professionals will have a true understanding of the technical and linguistic aspects required for quality subtitling.

Effective translation of subtitles usually involves heavy editing and condensing to meet the various reading speed requirements established for different languages, audiences and types of audiovisual material (cinema, TV, DVD, etc.). Effective time coding of subtitles is a labour-intensive process and involves aspects such as navigating shot changes and respecting minimum interval requirements between subtitles.


A professional subtitler will also know how to handle professional software to optimise and facilitate this process. The technicalities are endless, so it is important to leave your film, television and documentary creations in professional hands if you seek quality results.

 Subtitling for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing 

Also referred to as ‘captioning’ in some countries, subtitling for the deaf and hard-of- hearing is another specialised area involving similar expertise, specialised training and specific standards depending on the country, language and broadcaster offering this service. This form of subtitling may or may not involve translation.


I provide accurate transcriptions of most audio content in English, either with or without time codes. I can also provide transcriptions in French, Spanish and Portuguese, as well as transcription and translation packages.