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 Spanish & Portuguese Interpreting 

As a Full Member of NZSTI for interpreting and an experienced community interpreter in Spanish and Portuguese, I provide consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services to a range of government departments in New Zealand. My services cover a wide variety of settings in the public sector and my qualifications and experience enable me to specialise in both legal and healthcare settings. I am one of the most qualified interpreters in the country.

In addition to legal interpreting in the public sector, I also offer my services in private legal settings. Part of this role also involves sight translation, which refers to the oral translation of a written document on the spot. I have a particular interest in medical interpreting and have accumulated a lot of experience from interpreting in every healthcare setting you can imagine.


I also offer both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services to private businesses. Whether you require interpreting for client meetings, training sessions, workshops, sporting events, conferences, exhibitions, festivals or official delegations, I ensure smooth and accurate communication throughout your gatherings and events. Given my special interest in Latin America, you can also rely on my cultural, regional and linguistic expertise.


Just like a professional athlete or musician, interpreters need to practise, maintain and update their skills on a regular basis. I work daily in my field, prepare for interpreting assignments, and I am proudly committed to language maintenance and professional development. Professional ethics are also very important to me and I ensure not only accuracy and professionalism, but also confidentiality, impartiality and non-judgement at all times.

While face-to-face interpreting is usually preferable, I also offer my interpreting services remotely over the phone or using online platforms. I am also available for long-term and on-going assignments, with flexibility for both domestic and international travel.

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