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 Professional Results 

Producing quality written text in English using correct grammar and maintaining appropriate style and register can be the difference between gaining or losing a client, being offered or refused a job, and enhancing or damaging your professional reputation.

Perhaps English is not your native language and you would like to make sure that your text reads more naturally, that it is grammatically correct and orthographically sound. You might even be a native English speaker but simply have a lot on your plate right now and need a fresh pair of eyes to carry out a security check of your content. It is only natural to make mistakes at some point, especially if content is produced under pressure.


Or perhaps you have writer’s block and need a second opinion on rewording your text or reorganising your ideas. Careful revision, either of your own work or undertaken by others is an essential part of your professional image. I offer a perfect balance of creativity, perfectionism and respect for the author’s voice and intention to make sure you achieve the results you need.

 Revision of Translation 

I also offer a collaborative approach to peer review of translations. Constructive revision of translations from French, Spanish and Portuguese into English – and vice versa – has lead to long-lasting professional relationships with colleagues, a process that all those involved can learn from. 

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