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 Business Documents & Creative Marketing 

Whether you need company documents translated into English for internal use and for reference only, or documents of a more formal nature, you can rely on my professional translation services in French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Examples of business-related documents that commonly require translation for internal use:
-Emails and memos
-All other internal communication documents
-Responses from customer/employee surveys

Examples of more formal business-related documents that commonly require translation:
-Employment agreements
-Formal letters and job offers

-Company reports
-Training/company procedure manuals
-Company and department information

As for the more creative side of business translation, we all know how important and powerful words and language can be when creating marketing material. For a successful digital or print marketing strategy, your creative content should always be left in the capable hands of a professional translator with a deep linguistic and cultural understanding of both the source language and the intended target audience. Make sure your content is prepared properly so that it will successfully serve its purpose and persuasive function among target audiences.

Examples of creative marketing content:
-Company slogans
-Press releases
-Product reviews and descriptions
-Brochures, pamphlets and other print marketing materials
-Blog posts and social media content