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 Business Documents & Creative Marketing 

Whether you need company documents translated into English for internal use and reference only, or documents of a more formal nature, you can rely on my professional translation services in French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Examples of business-related documents that commonly require translation for internal use:
-Emails and memos
-Other documents for internal communication
-Responses from customer/employee surveys

Examples of more formal business-related documents that commonly require translation:
-Employment agreements
-Formal letters and job offers

-Company reports
-Training/company procedure manuals
-Company and department information

As for the more creative side of business translation, we all know how important and powerful words and language can be when creating marketing material. For a successful digital or print marketing strategy, your creative content should always be left in the capable hands of a professional translator with a deep linguistic and cultural understanding of both the source language and target audience. Make sure your content is prepared properly by a native English speaker so that it will serve its purpose and persuasive function among your specific audiences.

Examples of creative marketing content:
-Company slogans
-Press releases
-Product reviews and descriptions
-Brochures, pamphlets and other print or electronic marketing material
-Blog posts and social media content

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